outdoor challenge

What is an Outdoor Challenge?

We always get asked the question, what is an outdoor challenge? This post will try and explain what we mean by an outdoor challenge and more importantly what makes a great outdoor challenge.

All our challenges and adventures are pretty unique where we try and break the mould in terms of the type of challenge and the location used. We want to bring adventure to life, literally…

An outdoor challenge must be one that inspires, meaning that people can’t wait to get started and one that pushes you at each and every step allowing you to learn more about yourself in terms of what you can do physically and mentally! In addition to this we believe that the backdrop is also key, so we choose the most stunning locations across the UK from the Brecon Beacons, the engaging seas of the Gower coastline, through to more isolated and challenging locations. Where ever your challenge takes place, you can be assured that it will be stunning, challenging and memorable.

There is not one magic ingredient that makes an epic outdoor challenge, it’s the combination of numerous factors although above all is the ability to dream up a unique challenge at the start, having a vision and then making that vision come to life. Our director has a great ability to do this which comes from imagination, experience and a desire to provide the best challenge experience possible!

This is an example of one type of challenge that we provide ‘Brecon 30 Challenge’. We also offer multi activity challenges such as ‘TriSup Challenge’.

We aim to keep building our portfolio of challenges ensuring we remain one of the best outdoor challenge providers on the planet. Let us help you achieve your dreams through our unique challenges and adventures.