National 3 Peaks Challenge

National 3 Peaks Challenge

What is the National 3 peaks Challenge? It’s an adventure that covers England, Scotland and Wales, where you summit the three highest mountains in each of the countries. Some do it to beat the record and some do it for the sheer achievement that it offers.

Don’t get me wrong but this is one hell of a challenge and one that is at the top of many peoples bucket list, but an adventure like this is better completed with an experienced company. Inspire Challenge can help you tick this challenge off your wish list by providing guidance, support and your very own tour bus to get you to each start point.

More information can be found here for the challenge, although we will explore what it really takes to complete this epic challenge.

The three mountains you will climb are Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, yep thats the three biggest peaks in the UK!

The National 3 Peaks Challenge takes guts, determination and planning, that’s why it is best completed with Inspire Challenge as we can plan the challenge from start to finish. We will also provide that much needed push to get you to the top of each mountain, that’s what we are good at!

Our adventure starts in North Wales where you will meet your guide team responsible for getting you through this challenge. remember, we also take care of your accommodation so that’s one less thing to worry about.

We have an early start the next day as we guide you up Snowdon, this is an achievement in itself and once we get you to the top you will be ecstatic with conquering the biggest peak in Wales. the challenge is not over yet though as we guide you back down and to the waiting transport.

Inspire then take care of transporting you to the Lake District where we will then summit Scafell Pike, another beast of a mountain but one with epic views and surrounding landscape. Once you get to the top then that’s two of the three summits completed, that’s an amazing achievement.

Once we get you down, then you will have a welcome meal and drink waiting for you as we have a mini celebration. We then provide accommodation for you to get a good nights sleep ready for the early start the next day.

We leave the Lake District by 5am and hit the road to Fort William in Scotland, the tiredness from the effort of the previous day is still with you as we make our way up the motorway although everyone is in high spirits as only one mountain stands between you and completing your challenge.

When we arrive in Fort William we can see the mammoth task before us called Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK and the last hurdle between you and the National 3 Peaks Challenge.

It’s a mountain to be respected but once we are at the top, the exhiliration of climbing the three highest peaks in the UK is etched on everyone’s faces.

You have done it…

You have summited the 3 highest peaks in the UK…

Now, what’s your next challenge??