Action Challenge

Creating Adventures

We get asked numerous times about how we come up with creating adventures and where we dream up such engaging and epic corporate challenges. The simple answer is that we use our experience and imagination to create life changing, mind healing adventures for people and organisations.

Everyone has their own vision of what an adventure is and everyone has a deep rooted longing to set off on such an adventure, but many don’t due to commitments and/or their own courage to walk the path of uncertainty. Inspire Challenge love the uncertainty and excitement of treading of the beaten path and searching out adventures and awe inspiring challenges!

Creating adventures for others is about listening to what drives them, what excites them and what is achievable, as we appreciate not everyone can scale Everest and likewise not everyone can swim the channel. For organisations, we really dig down to what they want to achieve for their staff, organisation and even what they want to achieve for their client base.

Some of adventures can be found on our events page and many more can be discussed with our team to ensure that we are creating adventures that you will remember forever.

Recent adventures have been held in the UK, USA, Nepal, Australia, South Africa and many more. Whether running 100km across continents to paddling across majestic waters, we have the capability to surpass your expectations.

If you want to empower, inspire and educate your staff then an adventure challenge should be one of your top considerations, regardless of whether its 1 day or 5 days.