Challenge Event

An Insight into a Challenge Event

It’s early Saturday morning and the sun is starting to rise over the mountains as you and your team get prepared for the challenge event and the days activities. Your team of 4 have been waiting for this moment for weeks, training hard, preparing mentally and getting more excited about whats to come.

You and the other teams check your equipment one last time before going to listen to the race briefing delivered by the Challenge Director, as you listen you can feel your skin tingle in anticipation of the challenge event as you scan the room and the other teams standing nervously in the same position as yourself.

Once the briefing for the challenge event has finished then you stand at the start line ready for command to set off, your heart is racing, your skin is tingling but you are ready!

Go, Go, Go comes the command and you and your brave team set off on the start of what is going to be an epic weekend.

The first challenge is a navigation exercise where your team are given co-ordinates for your next location and must navigate in a race against other teams. You break the first ridge and stare in awe at the stunning views spanning out before you, confidently smiling to yourself, pleased with your effort of beating the first hill.

You reach the first checkpoint where you are met by one of the Inspire Challenge marshals who explains your secret task, with this secret task having to be completed before you are on your way to the next checkpoint. The secret tasks are designed to test leadership, skill, memory and other attributes that make a good team.

Your day continues and the pride of covering ground and passing the challenges is clearly visible, your team has been tested mentally and physically and by the time your cross the finish line, your team have bonded more than you ever thought possible.

With all teams back at Challenge HQ then its time for a much needed reward in the form of a lavish BBQ put on by Inspire, where you can relax with like minded people and talk about your adventures from earlier in the day. Undergoing a challenge like this creates a unique bond between all involved and so this allows for a great atmosphere for you to get to know new people and also do some networking.

Once the social time has come to an end then its time to get some sleep ready for the next days adventures!

Day two starts with breakfast before getting the activity brief for the day, with the activity on this day being raft building. You will need to build a raft with your team and then set sail round the water course, trying to beat the other teams. This challenge will take leadership, communication, building skills and much more if you want to be successful.

This challenge is fun and engaging and much needed after the work put into the previous days challenge, who will be victorious today! As you build your raft you lift it into the water and pray that it doesn’t sink straight away, you must then all paddle round the course and be the first team over the finish line…

Once the days activity has finished then its time for the weekend debrief including prize giving for the best team and also announcement on how much money was raised, with teams being able to take a photo with the charity cheque which they can use for their own social media accounts.

All that’s left then is for you and your team to enjoy the pride of what you have achieved over the weekend and for you to reap the benefits of this type of weekend. We guarantee that you and your team will be stronger in mind, more confident, have more trust with each other and have developed a bond that will promote team effectiveness…

Our next event is in the Brecon Beacons from 6th to 8th September, you can register your interest by visiting the event page.